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Mid State Brush

510 E. Hamilton Rd.
Bloomington IL, 61704

Call: Pat Henson


We've got Mulch!   We've got FREE MULCH

 Our mulch pile is so large we are giving away FREE mulch from our single grind pile. Bring your wheel barrow, truck or dump truck and we'll fill it up for you. We are reorganizing our entire operation and we need to "clean house" by getting rid of our Mulch Pile! So... we are giving away mulch for FREE.

Landscape Mulch

landscape mulch Mid State Brush has mulch and to spare! In the Spring of 2011 we will have two mulch grades to choose from. Our double grind mulch pile is suitable for all of your landscape needs, check out our website for more details, pictures, ideas and directions. We have a concrete loading pad and loader. We will have delivery service too.

Brush drop

brush grinder

Do you have clean brush to dispose of? Bring your truck load right to our "pad", dump it off and we'll take it from there. Click here for directions. We are located just west of Tri Lakes fishing club.

On site Mulching

mulch grinder

Call us for your on site mulching needs. We bring our equipment on site for large brush and wood products needs. Do you have large brush piles? Old pallet piles? Is this creating an Environmental concern? This service is available, call us. .

Agriculture Mulch

mulch pile

Mulch from our single grind pile is an excellent bedding material for livestock, erosion control, and walking path cover.